The Origin & Truth About "Human Hair Extension"

The Truth About "100% Virgin Human Hair" & It's Origin

Christopher Wells

Unfortunately, most Chinese hair suppliers are being deceitful by advertising their hair products as “100% Virgin Human Hair”, which  in fact is a bold face lie! The truth is, the hair that they are selling to consumers all over the world is 100% processed and loaded with many harmful chemicals that seep into our bodies. A significant amount of manufactures in China, again, so called, "Virgin Human Hair” is truly made up of acid, synthetic fibers, animal hair and fallen "dead hair" that have been obtained from hairbrushes, salons and barbershops from countries such as India. 

As an uneducated buyer myself for quite sometime, I had enough of getting robbed from those misleading crooked hair companies and came to the conclusion that it would be best for me to educate myself. 

During my quest to find the "Real Raw Hair" distributors, my search lead me to India. It was very intriguing to me to say the least to read why Indians, especially women, are sacrificing one of their most precious possessions. From my understanding the Hindu culture gather at holy temples of Southern India to donate their hair based off their religious belief to repay a God by the name of Vishnu debt in exchange for his blessings and prayers. Also, according to my Indian supplier, the revenue collected from the India hair trade business helps fund hospitals, schools and orphanages as well which I taught was pretty cool.

What makes Indian hair the most sort after hair in the world? 

Indian hair is the most sort after hair in the world because most Indians do not process their hair with artificial dyes and/or chemicals. Keeping the hair is it's natural state from birth is what defines "Pure Raw Virgin Human Hair". Moreover, the texture of Indian hair may vary from soft, silky and even slightly kinky but the voluminous, shiny and natural wavy pattern is the perfect hair for styling. "Real Raw Virgin Human Hair" also can last for several years when properly maintained. 

In conclusion, the most important thing I would like for you all to take from my blog is, please be conscience about your hair purchases. Understand that is only takes 26 seconds for chemicals to seep into your body. If you are going to wear hair extensions look at it as an investment; you may have to pay upfront for quality but the rewards are priceless.