The Truth About "100% Virgin Human Hair" & It's Origin

Christopher Wells

Unfortunately, Chinese hair suppliers are being deceitful by advertising their hair as being “100% Virgin Human Hair" from China, Brazil, Peru and many other countries from around the world. Which in fact, is a bold face lie! What Chinese hair suppliers, distributors and manufactures are really selling is 100% Processed Fake Hair! Fake hair is mechanically made up of synthetic fibers that are combined with chemicals such as acid, silicone, L-cysteine, petroleum by products, just to name a few. Other hair that comes from barbershops and hair salon floors and a wide variety of animals. 


India! For centuries, Indian Hindu men, women and children have donated their hair at temples in Chennai, India as an religious/spiritual act. What makes Indian hair the most sort after hair in the world is because most Indians do not process their hair with artificial dyes or chemicals making it 100% Pure Raw Virgin Human Hair. As a result of the hair being in such a natural pure state, hair extensions can last for a few years if properly maintained.